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Which Jim Stoppani "Shortcut" Training Program Is Right For You?

Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., has dedicated his career to helping people be the best they can be. His three "Shortcut" programs on get you results quickly, but safely. But is one better for you than another?

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What's your pleasure? Want to pack on some muscle mass? Get ripped? Turn those biceps from objects of beauty to weapons of destruction? Fitness maestro Jim Stoppani, Ph.D., has refined three of his exercise programs to create a series of high-demand workouts that deliver all the goods—and do it far faster than you might think possible. Welcome to the rugged but beautiful world of Stoppani's "Shortcut" series.

Stoppani's triple crown of Shortcut to SizeShortcut to Shred, and Shortcut to Strength have helped thousands of people around the world reach their individual fitness goals. They can help you in your quest for your #bestself, too. But they're no walk in the park.

As concentrated and intense as these workouts are, one of your most difficult challenges might be deciding which one to start with. Stress not. Stoppani offers sage advice to anyone ready to scale the fitness mountain: "No matter your starting point, no matter your goal, one of these programs is perfect for you."

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