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Plateau Busting Techniques for New Muscle Gains

Kickstart your muscle growth and get to the next level with these barrier crushing techniques.


Slow It Down

The majority of trainees out there are overly concerned with the amount of weight that is on the bar. Yes, getting “stronger” is important, but not at the expense of properly working a muscle. Simply getting a barbell from point A to point B is not going to necessarily facilitate muscle growth.

When you become too obsessed with looking like the strongest dude in the gym the first thing that usually suffers is form. Generally, the weight is lifted and lowered too quickly so that momentum can be utilized in order to keep the bar moving. However, this is only serving to challenge your joints, not your muscles.

A much more effective way to train is to lift more slowly, especially during the eccentric (negative) contraction. Try a lifting tempo of 4/1/2 (4 second negative/1 second pause at stretch/2 second positive), at least for some exercises, and I bet you will feel a burning sensation in your target muscles that you have never experienced before! You will have to use less weight, but if you are willing to leave your ego at the door you will be rewarded with a lot of new muscle.

Rethink A Rep

When most people think of a “repetition,” they picture simply lifting a weight up and down. But who says that this simple pattern has to necessarily define a “rep?” Every once in a while you should get a little more creative, which will serve to not only stimulate your mind, but also your muscles!

Remember how I mentioned earlier just how efficient the body is at adapting to stressors that it is forced to deal with repeatedly? Well, there certainly is nothing more repetitive than a repetition! So, rethink a rep, and make your muscles face something they are not used to! This might be just the jolt you need to break through a training plateau!

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