Workout Tips

Plateau Busting Techniques for New Muscle Gains

Kickstart your muscle growth and get to the next level with these barrier crushing techniques.


Have you been making good gains lately? Do you look any different than you did six months ago? Have you gained significant size, and I don’t mean weight, which could just be fat. I mean true lean mass. If the answer is no then something has to change. The definition of insanity in bodybuilding: Making zero gains, but relentlessly doing the same things over and over, hoping for a different result.

I see so many people in the gym that look exactly the same every year. They are always doing the same exercises and lifting the same amount of weight, and I wonder if they’re satisfied?

I go to the gym with only one goal in mind, and that is to continually push for the next level. If I look good today, I want to look better tomorrow! So, if you feel the same as I do, and you’ve been stuck in a rut, then here’s a few ways to light a new spark into your training, and bust through your muscle gain plateaus.

Out With The Old - In With The New

This is perhaps the simplest way to use variation to beat stagnation-changing exercises. I know, you’re very comfortable with the movements you use right now, but are they producing results? Remember that the human body is a brilliant machine that learns to adapt to almost anything thrown at it repeatedly.

If you do not regularly change angles, grips, patterns of resistance (free weights vs. cables vs. machines), etc, your muscles will become overly proficient at the exercises you are using, and less muscle fibers will be forced to fire in order to move the weight.

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