Workout Routines

The Warrior Fit Workout: Back

The Warrior Fit Workout: Back and Lats
Duration 6
Exercises 30
Equipment Yes

Get Warrior Fit with this program that will push your body to the brink with a barrage of muscle-blasting moves.

How it Works

The workout is designed for body recomposition—gaining muscle while losing fat. To do that, you'll hit various muscle groups throughout the week and work at a rapid pace to promote muscle gain and fat burning. In this comprehensive training program, you'll work out six consecutive days per week, targeting each major muscle group on a selected day. Along with using the most effective, muscle-building exercises, you'll also be incorporating a variety of proven lifting techniques like drop sets and super sets to help accelerate your size and strength gains.

Perform each A and B exercise pairing as a super set, going back and forth between the two moves one set at a time.

Jamie credits the development of his lats, a key element of his bodybuilding physique, to the numerous pullups he was required to do during Navy Seal training.

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The Workout

Exercise 1A

Lat Pulldown
Warrior Fit Lat Pulldown thumbnail
4 sets
15 reps
-- rest
Super set with Pullups

Exercise 1B

Warrior Fit Pullup thumbnail
4 sets
to failure reps
90 sec rest

Exercise 2

Dumbbell Row
Warrior Fit Dumbbell Row thumbnail
4 sets
15 (each arm) reps
60 sec rest

Exercise 3

Behind-the-Head Lat Pulldown
Warrior Fit Behind-the-Head Lat Pulldown thumbnail
4 sets
15 reps
60 sec rest

Exercise 4

Iso Lat Pull Machine
Warrior Fit Iso Lat Pull Machine thumbnail
4 sets
25 (each arm) reps
90 sec rest
DROP SET: First set to failure with a load that allows you 10 reps. Then drop to a lighter weight that allows you to rep out until you get 25 total reps. That’s one set.

Exercise 5

Cable Row
Warrior Fit Cable Row thumbnail
4 sets
15 (each arm) reps
60 sec rest