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Bodyweight Training: Crab Walk towards a Shredded Six-Pack

Your fat stores aren’t going to like this intense combination of exercises—starting with ab- and pec-shredding crab walks.

Bodyweight Training: Crab Walk towards a Shredded Six-Pack

What It Is

A 15-minute four-exercise total-body circuit from L.A.-based celebrity trainer Andy McDermott. You start with 10 reps of crab walks (five in each direction), then go into walking lunges, handstands, and a stair run. If you don’t have access to a stairwell, you can hit an incline treadmill or jump rope.

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Why It Works

McDermott’s body-weight circuits usually alternate upper and lower-body movements, then send you on a run, but the intensity of lunges and handstands (or handstand pushups, for the advanced) are amplified to a huge degree by the crab walks. “Your core is taxed the whole time,” McDermott says.

The Workout

Set a timer for 15 minutes and do the following circuit nonstop. Record your rounds completed.

Exercise 1

Crab Walk Pushup
exercise image placeholder
1 sets
10 reps
-- rest
Start with hands apart, feet together, then “walk” to the right, hands together, feet apart. Continue for five reps, then do five reps in the other direction.

Exercise 2

Bodyweight Walking Lunge You'll need: No Equipment How to
Walking Lunge thumbnail
1 sets
30 reps
-- rest

Exercise 3

Handstand Pushup
Handstand Pushup thumbnail
1 sets
10/5* reps
-- rest
*Beginners should hold a handstand (with your feet resting against a wall) for 10 seconds. For the advanced lifter, do five handstand pushups.

Exercise 4

Stair Running
4 Tips to Fast-tracking Your Fitness Gains thumbnail
1 sets
60 sec reps
-- rest