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The 8-Week Training Plan to Demolish an Obstacle Course Race thumbnail
Erica Schultz
Erica Schultz

Show up totally prepared for your first obstacle course race.

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To excel at OCRs (obstacle course races), racers have to be adept in three areas: running, lifting and carrying heavy things, and the ability to hang for a long time.

To get you ready for your first race, Joe DiStefano, director of training for Spartan Race, put together the following program designed to strengthen all of the aforementioned areas so that you’re ready to kill it come race day.

Note: On the threshold days, aim to cover as much ground as possible during your runs. For the 30+30, alternate between 30 seconds of max effort with 30 seconds of less effort on either a rower or Airdyne bike, for the allotted amount of time.



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