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How to Do Single-leg Burpees

Challenge your balance and stamina by doing burpees on one leg.

Single-leg Burpee
Per Bernal

Merely hearing the word burpee is enough to make a lifter cringe. After all, it’s earned an infamous reputation as a brutal full-body conditioner that taxes multiple energy systems and muscles.

But if those have gotten too easy for you (congratulations, you’re a beast), you can take the move up a notch by doing it on one leg. This forces your core to fight the battle of balance and stabilize while you are moving dynamically. Ready to give it a shot?

Build up to a single-leg burpee

Start by perfecting mountain climbers. It sounds basic, but this is a great move to help you develop the core power and stability needed to explosively “pop up” out of the pushup position.​

Practice standing on one leg. Then practice jumping on one leg to improve and build up your balance.​

Bang out some standard burpees. If you’re not comfortable with the regular burpee, then there’s no way you’ll master the single-leg version.​

How to do a single-leg burpee:

1. Stand on one leg. Then drop down, allowing only the one foot to touch the ground.

2. Hop back, perform a pushup, hop forward.

3. Regain your balance, then explode straight up, landing on the same foot.

Pro tip: Pick a spot on the wall and stare at it to help maintain your balance while doing the move.​

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