Chest Exercises

Bench More Instantly With This Four-Step Grip Primer

Tweak your technique and see immediate improvement.

The Once-A-Week Strength Solution

Brian Carroll’s Four-Step Bench Solution

1] Get a grip.

Hold onto the bar firmly from the very beginning— even before you unrack it. This move will help you keep your entire upper body tight.

2] Wrap your thumbs.

There’s no reason to use a thumbless grip. It doesn’t enhance your strength, it won’t build more muscle, and it’s dangerous.

3] Break the bar in half.

Once the bar is free of the bench supports, hold it as if you’re trying to snap it in half. This is one of the keys to a bigger bench.

4] Bear down.

When the bar is on your chest, redouble your efforts. Grip the bar tighter and try to bend it into a horseshoe as you explode upward.