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The Classic Iron Workout Program: Get stronger with intense deadlifts on day 4

Push your whole body to its limits with this no-nonsense, strength-building workout.

Today's Workout
Duration 60
Exercises 3
Equipment Yes

The Classic Iron Workout Program is designed to help you get stronger—plain and simple. And with six sets of heavy deadlift triples, the Day 4 workout will go a long way in increasing your all-out, total-body strength.

Today, we're combining deadlifts with a superset of Arnold presses and upright rows for a workout that hits your entire body, but especially focuses on your hips, legs, back, and shoulders.

Murder of Crows Barbell Club co-owner Sean Collins, C.S.C.S., is back to show us the ropes.


First, complete your deadlift sets. These sets are designed to be heavy, so make sure you're picking a challenging weight. Before you attempt any work sets, though, make sure you warm up your entire body thoroughly with both a total-body warmup. Then, do several sets of lighter deadlifts as you work your way to your "working weight".

Don't shortchange yourself with rest periods, either. These deadlifts will tax your nervous system and vast amounts of muscle, so give your body 5–7 minutes to recover before the next set.

The next two exercises are done as a superset: As soon as you finish the Arnold press, perform the upright row. Rest for 90-120 seconds before doing another superset.

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Today's Workout The Classic Iron Workout Program: Day 4

Exercise 1.

Deadlift You'll need: Barbell How to
Deadlift  thumbnail
6 sets
3 reps
5-7 min. rest

Exercise 2A.

Arnold Press You'll need: Dumbbells How to
How To Do A Standing Dumbbell Arnold Shoulder Press thumbnail
3 sets
12 reps
0 sec. rest

Exercise 2B.

Upright Row You'll need: Barbell, Dumbbells, Kettlebells How to
Upright Barbell Row thumbnail
3 sets
12 reps
90-120 sec. rest