Gain Mass

Rock Hard Diet Guidelines Month 1: Calorie Math

No nutritionist on hand? Dont' worry. Here are all the expert food rules you need to melt fat and build a strong, super lean body



You should strive to incorporate all of the following objectives into the first four-week phase of the diet. M&F provides an action point for each objective to help you better understand how to implement each tip—as well as how to combine them into a cohesive plan. Then, we provide a sample meal plan for both training and rest days that you can use as your model to adapt the Rock Hard Diet to your specific needs.

The Math

Body Weight X 12.5 Equals Calories to Consume on Rest Days

150 lbs = 1, 875 calories

175 lbs = 2,188 calories

200 lbs = 2,500 calories

225 lbs = 2,813 calories


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