How to Prepare for the Most-Dreaded OCR Tasks

Train for the challenges of obstacle course races.

Cat Zingano is Toned Up and Ready to Go

Although the obstacles themselves are often a surprise during an obstacle course race, you can be sure your strength will be challenged. At the Spartan Race, competitors frequently face two dreaded tasks. Here, our pros offer their best advice on how to surmount them.


What it is:

An assortment of monkey bars, rings, ropes, and poles that you must climb across without touching the ground or using the side structures for assistance.

Pro tip:

“Momentum is key. I run into the first object, say a rope, then swing forward so I can skip a couple of rings. Keep your body in motion throughout,” says Corinna Coffin, 2015 Battlefrog Championship second place finisher, lifestyle director at Battlefrog.

THE OBSTACLE: Bucket Brigade

What it is:

Walking a designated route while holding a bucket filled with rocks or sand up to the prescribed line in front of your body.

Pro tip:

“Secure your arms all the way around the front the bucket, so one hand is grabbing the other wrist. Set a goal number of steps to take before rest, which means placing the bucket on your knees in a quarter squat,” says Cassidy Watton, a head coach at Epic Hybrid Training.


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