The Fit Girl's Guide to Protein

Your all-in-one handbook to the star muscle builder in your kitchen.

Steak Cobb Salad

Powerhouse Proteins
Our five favorite foods for keeping your muscles strong and your body energized

➜ Lean Grass-fed Beef or Bison
High in iron, omega-3s, vitamin E, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) compared with grain-fed cattle; each 4- to 5-ounce portion will yield more than 25 grams of protein.

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➜ Eggs
Rich in vitamin D and choline (from the yolk), the whites contain the most easily absorbable protein source. To cut down on the fat, mix one whole egg with four or five egg whites. One whole egg contains about 7 grams of protein.

➜ Greek Yogurt
Higher in protein (about 17 grams per serving ) and lower in carbs than regular yogurt, the Greek variety is also packed with important probiotics for intestinal health.

➜ Cottage Cheese
The creamy texture makes this dairy standard easy to blend in a salad with balsamic vinegar or to add dimension to omelets. One cup contains an amazing 28 grams of protein. For maximum health benefits, stick to the no-salt added, 1% milk fat variety.

➜ Beans
In addition to being loaded with protein (chickpeas, for example, have 20 grams per half cup), most beans are also rich in fiber. Other high-protein choices include pinto beans (10g per half cup), edamame (8g per half cup), and black beans (7g per half cup).

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