Wheel Deal

Ed Nunn gets a leg up on his competition with his high-volume, fast-paced routine


They say it’s hard to build legs when you’re tall. If you’re over six foot, they’ll tell you not to pin your hopes on ever having too solid a pair. Focus on chest or back instead.

Guess they never met Ed Nunn.

Standing 6'1"

with legs that are long even for a typical man of his height, Nunn has built himself one of the more impressive pairs of legs in the business. From hip to knee, they’re as close to a bodybuilding archetype as you’ll find — big and sweeping with deep separations, and full of feathery cross striations that pop to life when flexed. His hamstrings are nicely split with grainy detail running from glute to popliteal fossa (that hollow behind the knee).

“My legs have always been one of my stronger bodyparts,” Nunn confesses. “When I was first coming up, people would see my upper body and be impressed, but expect to see skinny legs. They were always surprised to see a tall guy like me with big legs.”

Still, Nunn doesn’t use his genetic proclivity in the wheels department as an excuse to go easy on them. In fact, his is the kind of old-school volume routine that champs from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Lee Haney to Ronnie Coleman have employed to great effect for decades on end — and it’s the kind of routine that can do the same for you.

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