Pressing Forward

Chest blasting workout from IFBB Pro Clarence DeVis


Belgium’s Clarence DeVis sets his sights on moving up the IFBB Pro ranks

"People always compare me to Kai Greene, and I really appreciate that,” Clarence DeVis says in his heavily accented English. Like Greene, DeVis can look pretty intimidating when he’s not smiling, but just like Greene, when DeVis grins, his smile has a way of lighting up his face and exuding warmth and amiability. “Maybe it’s because Kai has dreads and I had dreads. I’d like to think it’s because they see something in my physique that reminds them of his. Kai is the next Mr. Olympia and a great person—he’s like my big brother.”

tk Unilateral Exercise for Each Body Part
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The 33-year-old started lifting weights with a very specific bodybuilder in mind—but it wasn’t Greene, who was just coming into his fame when DeVis began training for the stage. “My inspiration to get into bodybuilding was and still is Ronnie Coleman,” confesses this 2007 Belgium Nationals champion who speaks Dutch, French, and “a little” English. Pictures of King Coleman led DeVis to this iron sport and have kept him here.

Much like Coleman, DeVis' muscle isn't just for show; in Europe he's know for his strength and hardcore training.  He’s benched close to 600 pounds in the past and used that power to forge a physique worthy of the IFBB pro ranks.  But just being a pro isn't enough for DeVis - he wants to win and his huge, splitting chest will be a big part of that dream coming true.  He built these impressive pecs with old school training and a few key tips he shared with FLEX...

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