Flex Lewis's Top 10 Training Principles

The top 10 training tenets of Olympia 212 Showdown champ Flex Lewis



Quick history lesson. From 1974–79, the Mr. Olympia featured lightweight and heavyweight divisions. Franco Columbu won the first three under-200-pound clashes, and Frank Zane took the last three. Jump ahead to 2008–11 and the Olympia 202 Showdown. After David Henry won the inaugural title, Kevin English took the next three. In 2012, the division limit was bumped up 10 pounds. This is Flex Lewis’ domain. He’s collected all three 212 O titles, so far. Click here to see his Olympia gallery! 

Flex is doing it his way. The Welsh Dragon and his nutritionist/trainer Neil Hill have fresh ideas about working out. From rep ranges to rest to exercise selection, the 212 champ doesn’t do things the same old way, because he doesn’t want to achieve the same old results. No, he’s striving for the ultimate. Rep after rep, set after set, Flex Lewis is reaching for his place in history. Three is the magic number, but 10 is the number of components that make his training unique.

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