Dexter Jackson: Armed and Still Dangerous

The Blade serves up 16 essential arm-growing tips.

Dexter Jackson: Armed and Still Dangerous

 13. 21-CURLS 

One thing Charles has me doing sometimes is 21-curls. With these I do seven reps going from the bottom to halfway up, then seven reps going from halfway up to the top, and then seven full reps. That’s one set. These are a great final exercise for my arm workouts. They really blow out my bi’s and make sure I get everything I can get out of the workout.


With machine dips, you want to stay upright and keep that tension on the tri’s. If you lean forward, you hit the chest more. I don’t like to go too high. Bringing your elbows high activates more of your chest and delts. I just want to keep tension on the tri’s, and for that I just go from about halfway up to all the way down. Also, don’t pause long on the bottom. I want to keep moving, keep my tri’s working.


One of those things that really bring out the extra qualities in your muscles is posing. I can get a great pump from just posing my arms. Definitely going into a contest, posing practice is like an extra workout focused only on the contractions, so you can really bring out the biceps peaks and separation in the three triceps heads. The thing is, you don’t have to be a competitor to benefit from this. Anyone can benefit from flexing their arms, whether between sets or later at home. It’s going to strengthen that mind-to-muscle connection that’s so important to getting effective workouts. If I have a secret, this is it. Flex your arms.


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