Chest Training with Victor Martinez

One of the most popular bodybuilders is older, wiser, and still a force in the pro ranks.



Every other workout, Martinez wraps his chest regimen with cable crossovers, from either the bottom or top pulley position, depending on which area of his pecs could use the extra work, the upper targeting the lower inner area of the pectoral muscle and the lower pulley emphasizing the upper inner ridge. “I’ll do four sets of 12 to 15 reps  to isolate and squeeze the muscle and bring in more blood flow to finish out the workout,” he explains. Like with his other exercises, he strives for fatigue. “You want to push out. You don’t want to finish a set knowing you had an extra few reps in you. That’s not gonna stimulate the muscle.” With the workout in the books, Martinez readies to head out, with some negotiations to handle for his new business venture—a gym in Manhattan that promises to welcome athletes and bodybuilders and anyone else who appreciates a hardworking, hardcore atmosphere. “Unlike some other gyms out there, this really will be no judgment. Overachievers are made to feel awkward at other clubs, but not this one.”


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