Chest Training with Victor Martinez

One of the most popular bodybuilders is older, wiser, and still a force in the pro ranks.



“As you get older, those who tend to ignore the lower part of their pecs can start to get a little loose skin there,” Martinez says, revealing why declines are a mainstay of his chest regimen. “I’ll alternate between a barbell and a dumbbell decline from week to week, and I’ll also do pullovers, which help keep that area extra tight.”

The pullovers, in fact, are part of a superset with decline presses. He prefers them oldschool, lying crossways over a flat bench, holding a dumbbell in both hands, versus any machine version you’ll find today. “The machines don’t really help you hit the pecs along the top,” Martinez says. “Most people use pullovers as a lat move, but I’m using it more for chest, and I find the machines restrict your ability to squeeze at the very end of the move [compared with] the dumbbell.”

Fairly often, he’ll also pair declines with body-weight parallel-bar dips. “Just to stimulate the outer part of the pecs and get that squeeze at the bottom,” he says.

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