Chest Training with Victor Martinez

One of the most popular bodybuilders is older, wiser, and still a force in the pro ranks.



Flat-bench dumbbell presses follow the incline barbell press. He starts with the 60-pounders, placing them flat-side down on his mighty quads. Staring for a moment into the mirror reflecting the array of white-and-red equipment that stretches out behind him through the cavernous space, Martinez takes a deep breath and lies back, moving the weights into position right next to his outer pecs, elbows deep toward the floor.

With sweat running in drops down his brow, he presses the  dumbbells up powerfully, stopping them over his mid chest with elbows straight but not locked out, an inch or so away from touching each other. In this top position, you can see his pecs flex as they writhe beneath his tank before he reverses course. Over the next three sets, he goes to 80, then 100, then finally 120 pounds of iron in each clenched hand, while the reps descend from 15, to 12, to two sets of 10. Afterward, it’s on to one more press, on the nearby decline bench.


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