Chest Training with Victor Martinez

One of the most popular bodybuilders is older, wiser, and still a force in the pro ranks.



Martinez grabs a pair of 30s and lies back on the incline bench, pressing the weights up over his chest, his elbows nearly straight and his palms facing, ready for flyes. His cadence is a bit quick but not hurried, the weight obviously light as he works to push blood into his muscles. Fifteen clean reps later and he makes the switch to the other bench, pausing for about 20 seconds before lying back and positioning for 15 flat flyes.

Without missing a beat after four warmup rounds of the flye combo, going up 10 pounds per set, he returns to his previous  thought. “I’m counting on symmetry, because size isn’t always the key. I’m not going to be Big Ramy–size or anything like that,” he says, referring to the 300-plus-pound behemoth, Mamdouh Elssbiay, who earned the victory in front of his home crowd at the Kuwait Pro. “You got to work with what you have, so I’m going to continue working on my shape and fill out those areas that need the most attention.”


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