The New Amino Acids

A groundbreaking patented essential amino acid formula promises more muscle and bigger gains.


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Wolfe’s EAA blend, which he and the University of Arkansas have patented, may be the first real innovation in the sports nutrition market in years. It’s a breakthrough for muscle health because Wolfe painstakingly matched the mix of essential amino acids to the profile of skeletal muscle protein, so what you are putting in your body is going right to where it’s needed, at just the right amount and with just the right ingredients for maximal muscle response. Think of BCAAs as a shotgun—you aim and hope to hit your target. Meanwhile, EAAs are like a sniper rifle—you nail the target every time.

The building blocks for constructing stronger and more effective muscles have been lying around for years without anyone being able, or taking the research time, to arrange them in the correct way. Amino acids work in complex ways in the body, and Wolfe has cracked the EAA code. Now, by taking a simple supplement, everyone can enjoy a more fulfilling, longer, and stronger life. For more information, visit


FLEX: How did you get started on the road to studying muscles and amino acids?

Robert R. Wolfe, Ph.D.: Early in my career at Shriners Hospitals for Children at Harvard Medical School, I observed that muscle loss in severely burned children was severe and debilitating for recovery. These children were unresponsive to normal nutritional therapy, so this led me to investigate how muscle protein metabolism is controlled in order to develop a new therapeutic approach.

I determined that amino acids—EAAs in particular—were the key to stimulating the production of new muscle protein. So I spent most of my career determining how optimal amino acid nutrition could bene t muscle health.

What specifically are EAAs doing to spur muscle growth?

The principal role of EAAs is to provide the necessary precursors for the production of muscle protein. Certain EAAs—for example, leucine—can help initiate protein synthesis.

Do EAAs help with recovery?

A strenuous workout accelerates protein breakdown and may also cause mild inflammation in the tissue. Muscle recovery requires the resynthesis of new muscle protein to clear the products of muscle breakdown, and consuming EAAs is the most effective way to stimulate the resynthesis of muscle protein after exercise.

What differentiates your EAA blend?

For starters, it contains all the EAAs. Incomplete formulations—such as just BCAAs—are ineffective at producing complete proteins. Second, the EAAs must be available inside the muscle cells in proportion to the profile of muscle protein. This is accomplished by taking account of the characteristics of the transport of each EAA into muscle cells from the blood. Third, the profile of EAAs capitalizes on the properties of certain amino acids to activate the molecular factors involved in protein synthesis.


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