Shawn Rhoden Wins! Dave Henry Takes the 212 - 2012 Europa Supershow

Team Rhoden makes it two for two here in Dallas. Dave Henry takes the 212 Division and Alea Suarez takes Figure

Shawn Rhoden Wins! All Dallas Results Here!

Most everyone knew Shawn Rhoden would take this contest making it two for two at the Tampa Pro and then here, the Dallas Pro. But what was real surprising was Hidetada Yamagishi taking out Toney Freeman for the second place nod here in Dallas.

Dave Henry, after taking over year off to deploy to Afghanistan did not disappoint by taking his class as well.

The beautiful Alea Suarez walked away with her win qualifying her for the the Ms Olympia next month.

Here's the Top 10 placements from the 2012 Europa Supershow Weekend

Men's Bodybuilding (open)1st Shawn Rhoden2nd Hidetada Yamagishi3rd Toney Freeman4th  Roelly Winklaar5th  Edward Nunn6th  Todd Jewel7th  Brandon Curry8th  Grigori Atoyan9th   Jeff Long10th Lee Banks Men's Bodybuilding (212)1st Henry, David2nd Tricky Jackson3rd William Bonac4th Derik Fansworth5th Marvin Ward6th Peter Foucaux7th Marcos Cardona8th  Rixio Tapia9th Quincy Winklaar10th Ahmad Ahmad Figure1st Alea Suarez2nd Larissa Reis3rd Tatiana Koshman4th Essence Monet5th Tivisay Briceno6th Vicki Counts7th Felicia Romero8th Katerina Tarbox9th Georgina Lona10th Michelle Mayberry

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