One on One Spotlight with NPC Amateur Jeff Beckham

Jeff Beckham, 2012 NPC Team Universe Heavyweight and Overall Champion, may be poised to become the next big thing

One on One Spotlight with NPC Amateur Jeff Beckham

The Team Universe can be considered one of the forgotten gems of the national level shows held within the NPC. While others go for the more popular pro qualifiers such as the USA Championships or the NPC Nationals, the “Team U” has turned out quality champions, most notably Vaughn Ettienne, Team Weider athlete Kai Greene and Panexce Pierre who recently made his pro debut at the Wings of Strength Chicago Pro Show. If this years Team U is any indication, Jeff Beckham, 2012 NPC Team Universe Light Heavyweight and Overall Champion, may be poised to become the next big thing. Hailing from Jamaica, Queens, New York, the 30 year old Beckham was only able to perform push-ups and dips until he discovered the gym. He shared that once he discovered the gym, it helped him deal with growing up a ward of the state of New York. “I want people to see how therapeutic the gym is. It definitely gave me another way,” he said. Beckham said he relates to another IFBB Pro very well also. “I connected to Kai after hearing about his trails and tribulations,” he said. With a competition history that started in 2005, Beckham now stands in the big leagues as an IFBB Professional, but still has some unfinished business on the amateur level. “I’m going to compete in the World Amateur Championships in November,” he said. Assisted by his trainer Geno Sylvain Beckham wastes no time in asserting how he feels the Worlds will pan out. “I feel I have a good chance of winning the show,” he said. Beckham presented a tight, yet rugged physique in the Team U and his training style harkens back to the blue collar mentality of bodybuilders from the 1980’s. “I was training six days a week with cardio twice a day and two bodyparts,” he said. Beckham said that his style closely resembles the style of Branch Warren and Ronnie Coleman. “I like those explosive reps,” he said. When asked what will happen after the Worlds, he isn’t sure. “I try not to project too much into the future. A part of me feels that I could be a strong contender in the 212 class but I’ll be competing in the open next year. Me and Geno’s plan is to get up to 215 for the World’s,” he said. Besides Geno, Beckham wanted to give thanks to his God mother Miss Donna, Teddy, the owner of Coliseum Gym in Middle Village in Queens and the owner of Richie’s gym. With a solid support system in place, we should hear the name Jeff Beckham for years to come.