Dennis James' Open Bodybuilding Prejudging Assessment at the 2014 Tampa Pro


#1 Pablo Ayala Zayes – Pablo is a big dude. He’s got crazy quads. He could be a little darker. He’s got lots of muscle. His condition could be a little drier, he’s holding a little water.

#2 Mohamed Bannout – Mohamed has great color. His quads are crazy-striated. He doesn’t have the best physique on the planet, but he’ really, reall dry.  He’s got striated glutes and his lower back and hamstrings are ripped. This is a very good showing for him.

#3 Jeff Beckham – Jeff is bigger than he usually comes in, but he’s holding water. He’s got a great physique but he’s off.

#4 William Bonac – William has lots of muscle and hard, striated glutes. He may not be as hard as he was in Australia, but this is still a very good William. He’s got very thick muscle and crazy quads.

#5 Maxx Charles – Maxx has a crazy upper body but his legs are still too small. He has a crazy rear lat spread and most muscular. He’s got such a small waist but he’s upper body heavy. If he brings up his legs he’ll really look crazy. His color is also way off.

#6 Constantinos Demetriou – Constantinos has been on stage so many times but he still seems to be uncomfortable hitting the shots.

#7 Lloyd Dollar – Lloyd has good shape but he’s not dry enough. His legs from the side and back are smooth. He still looks like he’s a couple of weeks out.

#8 Stephen Frazier – Stephen is another guy with a massive upper body and great front double bi, but legs are a little undersized. He a taller guy so he needs bigger legs. His conditioning is good.

#9 Timmy Galliard – Tommy has great color and is better than he’s been before, but he’s still holding a film of water, which is going to hold him back. He’d look much better if he were a little drier.

#10 Kenneth Jackson – Size-wise, Kenneth can’t hang with these guys but he’s in good condition. He’s very hard from the back but he needs another 15-20lbs to hang with these guys.

#11 Rafael Jaramillo – Rafael is another taller guy and it’s the same thing with the legs. He needs bigger legs. Everything else is there. He’s got good condition, he just needs bigger legs.

#12 Manuel Lomeli – Manuel has crazy quad striation. His conditioning is good. His hamstrings are ripped and his glutes are in.

#13 Victor Martinez – Victor’s color looks really good. This is a good Victor. He seems to have gained a little size. This is a good showing for victor. So far, he’s winning this.

#14 Alexandre Nataf – This guy has no color on at all. He needs to start acting like a pro. This is very unprofessional.

#15 An Nguyen – An has nice color and a beautiful structure, but he needs to nail his condition. If he can dial it in, he’ll be very dangerous because he has beautiful lines.

#16 Julius Page – Julius has good shape, he just needs to be harder.

#17 Rudy Richards – Rudy is soft and holding a ton of water.

#18 Manuel Romero – Manuel has crazy quads. He’s a taller guy that has the shape. If he could get a tad drier, and a little more chest, he could compete with pretty much anybody.

#19 Jonathan Rowe –  Jonathan has good shape but he needs more size to be able to compete in the open class, and he could be a little drier.

#20 Ben White – Ben has ripped hams. This is the best Ben White I’ve seen in years. He’s got great conditioning and looks fuller too. I’m impressed.

#21 Bill Wilmore – Bill’s conditioning is good, but structurally, I don’t think he can compete with these guys anymore. His upper body is good but his legs are too down in size.

#22 Robert Youells – This is Rob’s pro debut. His color is good, and he’s hard, but he needs to add some more weight to his frame. His conditioning is really good though.

#23 Frank Robertson – Frank is another big dude.  He’s a tall guy and his condition is good, but his upper back is holding water and his hamstrings are on the small side. Overall he needs to be drier.