Prejudging Assessment - 2012 Europa Dallas

Rhoden, Freemen, Hidetada and Ed Nunn deliver! Roelly is hanging in there.

Prejudging Assessment - 2012 Europa Dallas

The Dallas Europa prejudging was once again a two man race with Shawn Rhoden and Toney Freeman leading the pack of over 20 IFBB professional bodybuilders.After an impressive showing in Tampa, Freeman, second place finisher at the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships, looked to even the score against eventual winner of the PBW Championships, Shawn Rhoden. The added week did Freeman well as he came onstage fuller and with no loss of conditioning. With his trademark "X-Frame" helping him, Freeman took to the stage confidently and ready to lay claim to the Dallas Europa title.However the added week also did Shawn Rhoden good also as he was also a bit fuller. The PBW Champion showed off great symmetry highlighted by a tiny waist and flowing lines.Hidetada Yamagishi came loaded for bear and wasn't about to be regarded as a small man on a big man stage. Armed with a tight and conditioned package along with great presentation made a good sell for Yamagishi here.Fan favorite Roelly Winklaar came onstage fuller as well especially in the back, but may have come up a bit short in this lineup.Ed Nunn of Indiana hit the stage in Dallas with a big frame that was very tight but still needs to be filled out. Nunn sported a great lower body and a massive upper body capped by a tiny waist and he stood well onstage at prejudging.The first callout featured Hide, Roelly, Shawn, Toney and Ed. With Shawn and Toney in the center it showed the crowd that shape and size are ruling the day here in Texas. Noticeably absent from the first callout was Lee Banks who gained fifth in Tampa and looked better than last Saturday. Banks was regulated to a lower callout and by all accounts should've been in the first callout.With a battle for first on the line, Rhoden and Freeman will settle the score here tomorrow afternoon in Dallas. Don't forget to follow Flex Magazine's Facebook and twitter page (@Flex_Magazine) for contest updates and paparazzi photos from Dallas!

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