Lee Haney's 2016 Olympia Preview

8X Mr. O Lee Haney weighs in on this year's Sandow chasers.



2015 Mr. Olympia: Did Not Compete (Last competed in 2003: 6th)

Lee says: “In my era, Albert Beckles was the ‘Ageless One,’ but now that might be Kevin. Each time I’ve seen him over the years, he’s never carried a big waist or been out of shape. He is maybe not as large but has looked athletic with good muscle intact. The cool thing about that is that he knows the way back. If he can maintain his health, particularly his hips, knees, and back, it’s all good. He’ll make an incredible showing. One thing that has to happen to give him a good fair look is that his legs have to be there. That’s one of the hardest things to do—sustaining leg mass. If you haven’t stayed on it over the years, that’s one of the areas that can go lacking. So it remains to be seen. Upper-body-wise, he was the best of the best. He has a beautiful, classic physique, and since the judges are looking there now, he could do very well. Could he make top six? I don’t know. I’m sure he’s going in with the goal to be the best that he can be. I’m glad to see it. I don’t have the nerve for it! [laughs] He’s one of those determined people, and I think he’ll do great. I don’t know where he will place, but I won’t count him out.”

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