Lee Haney's 2016 Olympia Preview

8X Mr. O Lee Haney weighs in on this year's Sandow chasers.


 Dexter Jackson 

2015 Mr. Olympia: 2nd (won in 2008)

Lee says: “Time can do something to a physique that’s hard to explain. Time and consistency develop muscle maturity, and that’s what Dexter brings to the stage. I felt [last year] was Dexter’s best condition since winning in 2008. He stays consistent and is on top of his game. The look of the physiques has shifted. It’s being rerouted back to that more classic look, and Dexter is that look. His presentation is fantastic—the way he’s able to display his physique in a classic and professional way. I’m extremely proud of Dexter, and when I saw the comparison between him and Phil, I was really happy. Dexter is always on top of quality, not quantity. Dexter doesn’t ever sacrifice quality for quantity. He doesn’t play somebody else’s game.”

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