Lee Haney's 2016 Olympia Preview

8X Mr. O Lee Haney weighs in on this year's Sandow chasers.


 Phil Heath 

2015 Mr. Olympia: 1st (fifth straight title; 2011–2015)

Lee says: “I’ll start by saying he’s not unbeatable. Nobody is unless you’re just a freak of nature and you bring something different. I was different. There’s only one Lee Haney, one Arnold. Every once in a while Mother Nature just whips up something different. Can’t nobody look like Dorian! Phil, however, is not that. He’s excellent, incredible even, and has learned how to dial in his physique. But he’s not a freak of nature—that’s just something different. As an athlete, he’s figured out how to best prepare for the era that he’s in. He’s the very best of the era that he’s in. Does he have the greatest physique? No. He’s dialed it in to have the best physique on the stage that day. He has definitely developed the balance that a champion needs. I’m a lat man—I like to see long, sweeping lats and he’s brought his down. His legs have gotten a whole lot better. Everything about Phil has gotten better. He’s worked his tail off. That’s why he’s remained Mr. Olympia. Some people don’t get better. That’s something that’s eluded a lot of great physiques in this era–nobody’s been able to consistently take their physique to the next level like Phil. Judges look for the quality of changes in their physiques. That’s why his hand has been held up in victory every year. Unless someone has gotten 20% better, they won’t beat him. I’ll say that his midsection was a little softer last year…just a dab off.”

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