Lee Haney's 2016 Olympia Preview

8X Mr. O Lee Haney weighs in on this year's Sandow chasers.



The eight-timer reflects on the evolution of the sport that made him a household name.

On opportunity: “I like that there are a lot of supplement and clothing companies that weren’t around when I was doing it. Prize money is what? $400,000? I didn’t get but $55,000! [laughs] We’re in several countries now with more opportunities for guest appearances. So I look at those aspects and I’m cheering.”

On the physiques: “We need to hold the reins in terms of where we want the physiques to go. You see that the physique division is going through the roof, but the bodybuilding division has gotten smaller and smaller. And that’s because we didn’t make sure that physiques stayed within certain parameters of physical beauty. Athletes conform to what’s being asked of them.”

On the future: “I’d like to see a classic bodybuilding division. I was classic. It’s not about a certain weight—we were a certain look. I’m talking about guys like me and Frank Zane. Cedric McMillan is a classic bodybuilder, but you can’t compare guys like him and Phil and Dexter and Shawn Rhoden with a physique like Big Ramy. Let’s create a category for those physiques so we can protect the integrity of our sport and give these athletes with different looks a place to go. Roelly Winklaar, Branch Warren, Ramy—these are power bodybuilders.” [They will see it happen at the 2016 Classic Physique Olympia.]