IFBB 2012 Muscle Heat Results - Bryant Wins

Here's the final score cards from the 2012 Muscle Heat where the final vestiges of men's 212 competed for qualification to the 212 Showdown


Curtis Bryant took the overall tonight at the 2012 IFBB Muscle Heat, held in Greensboro, NC, qualifying him for the 212 Showdown at the Olympia. Tricky Jackson took second, followed by Flex athlete Guy Cisternino in third. Tricky is already qualified for the 212 Showdown. Cisternino earned three points tonight in addition to the four he already had, for a total of 7 points earned in qualifying for the 212 Showdown.

Curtis Bryant was a surprise win but also a well deserved win. Tricky was well conditioned but his smaller frame could not compete with Bryant's size. Guy Cisternino, on the other hand, had that hard look but once again failed to bring the conditioning needed to make it past a third place finish.

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