'Flexatron' Shawn Rhoden

Shawn Rhoden

Place of Birth: Jamaica

Leagues: IFBB

Competition Weight: 240

Off-Season: 260

Age: 43

Ever since Shawn Rhoden entered his first contest on a whim—and won— his bodybuilding journey has been a winding journey full of tragedy and triumph. The Jamaican-born former soccer standout has faced misfortune head-on, including the devastating loss of his father to cancer.  Rhoden’s bodybuilding run was left with a gaping six years between the promising future of 2003 and the moment he stepped back on stage in 2009 finally claiming his IFBB pro card with a win at the North American Championships.  In just his second IFBB professional show, he qualified for the  2011 Mr. Olympia, where he nearly cracked the top 10. The next year, he won 4 pro contests and shocked the world by finishing 3rd in only his second Mr. Olympia.  Now Rhoden is a prennial contender for the greatest title in the world and a man you can never count out.

Competition History

Year League Competition Place
2012 IFBB Flex Pro 4th
2012 IFBB Arnold Classic Ohio 8th
2012 IFBB PBW Championships - Tampa Pro 1st
2012 IFBB Europa SuperShow - Dallas 1st
2012 IFBB Mr Olympia 3rd
2012 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe 1st
2012 IFBB British Grand Prix 1st
2013 IFBB Mr Olympia 4th
2014 IFBB Arnold Classic Ohio 2nd
2014 IFBB Australian Grand Prix 1st
2014 IFBB Mr Olympia 3rd
2014 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe 2nd
2014 IFBB Prague Pro 3rd
2014 IFBB San Marino Pro 1st
2015 IFBB Mr Olympia 3rd
2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe 2nd
2015 IFBB Prague Pro 3rd
2016 IFBB Mr Olympia 2nd
2016 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe 4th
2016 IFBB Prague Pro 4th
2016 IFBB Olympia Europe 2nd
2017 IFBB Mr Olympia 5th