Get the June 2018 Issue of 'Muscle & Fitness'

In our latest issue, army veteran and IFBB pro Jeremy Potvin shares his secrets for attaining a shredded physique.

Get the June 2018 Issue of 'Muscle & Fitness'
Ian Spanier

In the new June 2018 issue of Muscle & Fitness, you'll find the workout plans, nutrition know-how, and lifestyle tips to keep you shredded all summer long. 

Our June cover star, army veteran and IFBB pro Jeremy Potvin, has built a waist-to-shoulder ratio that looks downright photoshopped. (It's not.) Now, he's got his eyes set on winning Physique Olympia gold. Find out how he did it—and follow our upper-body blasting workouts to build your own Sandow-worthy V-taper.

The June issue also features Part 2 of the 2018 Rock Hard Challenge, an eight-week plan to help you build your best body yet. It merges old-school bodybuilding with new-school rep ranges and circuits to sculpt lean muscle fast.

And if a time-crunch workout is more your style? We've got you covered with our 15-minute, dumbbell-only routine to torch fat, fix muscle imbalances, and improve core strength.

While you're switching up your routine, don't forget about your diet. If you're not quite summer-shredded yet, you'll want to try our four-week cutting meal plan to shred fat in no time. And for those sunny summer days, check out our favorite diet-friendly, crowd-pleasing grill recipes. 

And, of course, Muscle & Fitness now incorporates FLEX, so you're getting twice as much hard-hitting bodybuilding information. IFBB pro Nathan DeAsha is our June FLEX feature star, and within the special FLEX section you'll find workouts and pro tips for building a hulking summer physique. Get the lowdown on growing your shoulders from bodybuilding vet Steve Kuclo, and check out the 15-minute workouts that will help you build size and definition. 

From the latest in training methods to macro-friendly meals that you'll actually want to eat, it's all right here in Muscle & Fitness and FLEX.

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