WWE 'Raw' Recap: Ronda Rousey Gets a 30-Day Suspension, Seth Rollins Suffers a Stunning Loss

It wasn't a great day for two of The Red Brand's biggest superstars.

'Raw' Recap: Ronda Rousey Gets a 30 Day Suspension and Seth Rollins Suffers a Stunning Loss

Ronda Rousey has had a rough couple of days.

Originally the favorite to win the WWE Raw Women's Championship at Money in the Bank last Sunday, Rousey’s victory seemed assured when she managed to lock her opponent Nia Jax in her trademark armbar.

But her moment was cut short by Alexa Bliss, who forced a disqualification by hitting Rousey with the briefcase she’d won earlier in the night. Bliss then cashed in her contract and took down Jax, essentially stealing the title right from under Rousey's nose.

Considering the way her weekend ended, it’s no surprise that Rousey wasn’t particularly happy at the start of this week's Raw when Bliss celebrated her new belt alongside Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. When Rousey came into the ring, Bliss responded with a tirade in which she declared Rousey to be an “over-hyped rookie.”

Rousey viciously assaulted Bliss in return, striking dozens of blows on the new champion. When Angle tried to restrain Rousey, she ruthlessly attacked him and the other WWE officials. Rousey ended her rampage by throwing Bliss right through a table.

Of course, Angle couldn't just let Rousey walk away after that behavior. He suspended her for 30 days, and we have a feeling she'll want some revenge on Bliss the moment she gets back.

Meanwhile, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins was on a massive upswing. He defeated The Miz at Backlash and Elias at Money in the Bank to retain his title, and he declared an open challenge to anyone who wanted a shot at it. This week, Dolph Ziggler (accompanied by his ally Drew McIntyre) answered the call.

Ziggler has a reputation for having more bark than bite when in comes to competing in WWE, so Rollins' victory seemed assured. However, in a shocking turn of events, Ziggler managed to reverse Rollins' pin to get the victory—and the belt.

With Ziggler and McIntyre living up to their promise of upending Raw's status quo, only time will tell if Rollins can rise back up to his former glory.