Watch: Army Veteran, Amputee Crushes 275-pound Deadlift

Jay Fein makes no excuses despite being at a huge disadvantage.

Jay Fein fall

U.S. Army veteran Jay Fein suffered a devastating wound while serving in Iraq about 10 years ago, and had to have his left leg amputated. But that doesn't hold him back in the gym, despite the fact that legs tend to play a pretty big role in a typical lifting routine. Plenty of people might let fitness take a back seat after such an injury, but Fein doesn’t even see it as an excuse not to deadlift.

If you’ve tried deadlifting even once in your life, you'd understand that it’s pretty challenging to deadlift 275lbs. Now try to imagine doing it on one leg. You probably can't fathom it, but Fein makes it happen.

If you need some extra motivation today, he's got some for you right here:

The lift took place at a competition in Austin, TX, according to

To add another amazing element to this incredible story, Fein says that he only started deadlifting about a year ago. “This deadlift was 275lbs and it took me almost six months to get to that point," Fein said, according to Daily Mail. "But I’m working to get more, hopefully 300lbs or more one day, and I am almost there.”

Talk about motivated. His determination and positive outlook are inspiring, to say the least.