Ronnie Coleman Is Still Jacked After 6 Months Off

He’s still recovering from his latest surgery, but his doctor gave him the green light to train.

Eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman has had his fair share of obstacles in recent years. He’s had 12 spine surgeries and struggled with some serious setbacks. At one point, he wasn’t sure if he’d ever walk again. But fortunately, things seem to be looking up for Big Ron once more.

Coleman is back in the gym, and honestly, he still looks pretty jacked, especially as far as his upper body is concerned.

In a pair of videos he posted on Instagram, his arms look insane, especially considering he's just getting back into it.

In a recent Instagram post, he explained that he’s on a mission to get back in shape after taking six months off from the gym at his doctor’s recommendation. Unsurprisingly, his upper body still looks pretty jacked considering all he’s been through. He can't walk just yet, but he seems to have a more positive outlook already.

This is probably the longest the King has spent taking it easy post-surgery, and he’s already back to training five days a week after getting the green light to do so from his doctor, according to the post’s caption. He’s also doing two days of physical therapy each week.

“Ain’t nothing in the world that compares to doing what you love doing most in the world,” Coleman wrote. “Hope you guys are training hard too, God knows I need this like I need food, sleep, and water.”

In another recent post, he knocked out a lower-body workout, despite the fact that he can’t walk.



Trying my best to get back in shape. Legs are tiny these days but that doesn’t stop me from trying to get them bigger. 12 spine surgeries has me down but not out. Once a champion, always a champion. It’s all about mindset. My record and my stats alone are enough for me to throw in the towel. But stats has nothing to do with wanting to be in shape, wanting to look good, wanting to be good, no matter what. I know I don’t have nothing to prove. But like I said, I wanna look good, I wanna be in great shape, I wanna look like I still compete, I wanna walk again. This is why I still train, I do it because I still love it so I will probably do it till I die. God knows I don’t want to die in the gym but if that happens, God Bless me. Once again it’s on like a marijuana bong. Yeah Buddy!!

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It’s safe to say that no one loves the gym the way Coleman does. We wish him a full recovery, and can’t wait to watch him progress in his workouts.

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